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Please Vote For the Betty Crocker iPad App!

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

While many brands and agencies are “exploring” iPad marketing and considering added-value apps, only a handful have actually made the investment and turned talk into action. I’m proud that our agency, Possible Worldwide, and client, General Mills, came together to produce one of the first and best branded apps in the marketplace.  Now, the Betty Crocker iPad App has been nominated for a Webby People’s Voice Award, and I would appreciate your help in giving the combined team the credit they deserve.

The Betty Crocker App Case Study:

Betty Crocker is not just a national brand: She’s a national hero. The sharing and exchange of Betty Crocker recipes and tips between family and friends–and down through the generations–has made Betty the “original social media queen.” General Mills asked us to take this brand trust, recipe knowledge, and need for instruction to a new level by creating one of the industry’s first iPad cookbooks. The Betty Crocker team wanted to “take Betty into the 21st century” by creating a tool that cooks can more effectively use in the kitchen.

The new iPad app makes it easy to find recipes and features a “cook mode” that helps users who are deep into a recipe. We’ve created easy-to-read instructions and clear, enlarged food/meal imagery. We’ve also integrated multiple timers to help cooks stay on top of the tasks at hand, whether it’s boiling an egg or baking a soufflé. The larger screen and innovative gestural interfaces make the Betty Crocker iPad app a visual, as well as practical, aid in the kitchen.

The Betty Crocker iPad app was an instant hit: In its first week, it reached #1 on the free app best-sellers chart (above Netflix and WebMD), and remains a best-seller to date.

How You Can Help:

Voting takes a little more than one click, but please do take the time to register and vote. You might even discover some other great examples of meaningful digital marketing in the process. Here’s how to vote:

  1. Register to vote: (Look for a confirmation email in your junk folder.)
  2. Visit
  4. Cast your vote for the Betty Crocker iPad app.

Voting ends April 28 and we need everyone to help spread the word right up until the deadline. And please also encourage your friends to vote via Facebook and Twitter:

You might be surprised to know that most of the award winners come down to just a couple of votes. Last year our Pringles Can Hands banner barely edged out work from Apple and Burger King to win the People’s Voice Award–thanks to your help!  So please lend a hand again and put the iconic red spoon on top.

Please Vote Pringles Can Hands for a Webby!

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

For years I’ve been a big fan of the Webby Awards—mainly because they are not just another advertising industry occasion, but rather an annual attempt to reward what is truly the “best of the Web.” This year we are thrilled that our banner ad for Pringles—”Can Hands” (above)—is a finalist in the Webby Awards, and you can help by voting for it in the People’s Choice category!

If you love the ad and/or just want to do a favor for this grateful blogger, please take five minutes to register at the People’s Choice Webby center, and vote for Pringles in the “Banner Singles” category. The competition is tough in this little category—as we’re going head to head with banners from Apple (TBWA) and Burger King (Crispin Porter). Right now we’re leading with 31% of votes, compared to 29% each for these two. Net, it’s going to come down to the wire and your vote will be meaningful! Voting ends Thursday, April 29, so please vote now.

Thanks for your support—and please share with your friends!